About Us

Spanish cuisine is heavily reliant in meat, fish and seafood, so when La Buenaventura was born in 2016, we took the challenge to make our own vegan versions of traditional dishes without sacrificing their taste.

Pino & Sheila, founders of La Buenaventura

Why La Buenaventura?

The meaning of Buenaventura is “good fortune” or “good luck” but it is also the ancient method of foretelling someone’s future through the interpretation of the lines of your hands - and we see a bright Vegan future ahead!

In Spanish culture, food and friendship come together in the form of tapas, small savoury dishes to share amongst friends. Our ambition is to be able to open a restaurant and tapas bar where we will be able to create a wider variety of vegan food and a friendly environment for people to socialise and enjoy their food the Spanish way. 

We are based in East London and can be found on Vegan festivals and doing supper clubs. Check our Facebook / Instagram posts for updates on where to find us.

Our signature dishes are Spanish omelette and chorizo, but you can also request a tapas menu for your event!

About our food:

Spanish omelette is one of the most iconic and emblematic dishes of Spanish cuisine, being a very popular tapa that can be found in almost any bar or restaurant in Spain.

The main ingredients are potato and onion, slowly fried in olive oil. We then use our own egg-free mixture to give it its traditional shape.

It is probably the most versatile example of Spanish cuisine, since you can add other ingredients such as chorizo, red peppers or peas to the potato. You can enjoy a tortilla cold or hot, as a main course, tapa or sandwich.

Chorizo is a traditional cured sausage marinated with spices. Paprika is the most distinctive element of the chorizo in front of other sausages, and the one that gives it its characteristic red colour and slightly spicy taste. In Spain, for a sausage to be called chorizo, must necessarily contain paprika and garlic; this differentiates it from the chorizo made in other countries.

We have veganized this traditional sausage making it the perfect complement or the main element of a Spanish vegan meal.

It can be sliced and eaten directly, in a sandwich or mixed with beans, potatoes or other ingredients. Chorizo’s rich flavour makes it the perfect ingredient for many tapas and a great variety of recipes.

Some well-known traditional Spanish recipes that include chorizo are Cocido Madrileño (stew of chickpeas with vegetables, potatoes and meat), Fabada Asturiana (Asturian beans with meat), lentil stew, potatoes a La Riojana or potatoes Revolconas.